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Spotlighting Mary Lou Ashe, a Champion Volunteer!
Mesquite, NV - Volunteers are the engine of all non-profit organizations. Mary Lou Ashe is a Champion Volunteer of the Women's History and Culture Center. Her level of dedication to WHCC makes her a valuable partner. She has earned the title of Champion Volunteer.
Celebrating 2021 Best Nonprofit in Mesquite!
Mesquite, NV - The Mesquite Chamber of Commerce announced the Women's History and Culture Center (WHCC) winner of 2021 Best Nonprofit in Mesquite. The award was presented at the Chamber's State of the Chamber event.
Celebrating 99 Years!
Mesquite, NV - On September 17, the Women's History and Culture Center surprised a member of the Mesa Valley Estates women's group with a 99th birthday party! Jean, who turned 99 years the day before, had no idea that the monthly gathering was in her honor.

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