As Promised, here are the photos of the Preen Your Pet Contest/Fundraiser, entries that have been emailed to us at Be sure to get your photos in, if you haven’t already! Enjoy these and Vote Early and Often!!!!! $1 = 1 Vote, $10 = 10 Votes, etc.

Updated 6/4/2021 at 7:50 p.m.

MAY 15, 2021 The “Preen Your Pet Contest/Fundraiser Kick-Off” Event at Women’s History and Culture Center was a fun and successful event! Bo & Pepper, the Mini-Donkeys from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Scenic, AZ were the stars of the show. So were the Mesquite Showgirls, who were on hand to help people register for the Contest, and offer Smiles and Cold Water. We Care for Animals and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter also had representatives on hand. These are two of the three beneficiaries of the fundraiser for our 2022 Women’s History and Culture Center Preen Your Pet Calendar, the third being Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue!

We Care for Animals and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter are happy to report that there are currently no animals in need of adoption!! But, that can change!

Be sure to visit UPS on Pioneer, Danielle’s Chocolates & Popcorn, or The Front Porch Flowers & Gifts to submit your $1 votes (as many as you like) for your favorite pet! Photos will be posted here on June 1 when registration ends, LET THE VOTING BEGIN!! ENTER THE PET ENTRY # ON THE ENVELOPES PROVIDED AT THE BUSINESSES ABOVE, AND EACH $1 IS ONE VOTE!! VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN!!!!

Photos from our May 8, 2021 “Tea and Crumpets” Event at Women’s History and Culture Center. Please enjoy the photos. It was a wonderful, warm, friendly event, infused with teas, treats, china, embroidered table clothes, and all things you’d expect at a fun informal tea party! Look forward to next year’s event, complete with Decorated Hat Contest!!! YES!!

Thurs, Apr 22 ~ Final transfer of last letters to our “Women’s Suffrage Centennial” Mural! Almost there! Many thanks to Annie Black, Jolene Averette, Ashley Oliver and of course the vision of our Founder, Jean Watkins! Also, thank you to Nick Montoya and his crew for all the wonderful prep they did to make it paint ready! And last, but not least, Mesquite City Council and the City of Mesquite! Tonight we got to meet Ashley’s sister, Amanda and give an impromptu tour of our beautiful Center. Soon there will be a reveal of the finished ✅ mural! ( if you wonder about the dead grass, it’s in preparation for xeriscape )

October 1, 2020 The progress on our mural continues. It’s a duplicate of the 100 year Women’s Suffrage license plate, commemorating women’s right to vote!
Thanks so much, Annie Black for including us in further beautifying Mesquite! Also pictured here are Jolene Averett, Ashley Oliver, The Progress reporter, Amy Davis, and Carol Xue Burke Saldivar and last but never least….Jean Watkins, Founder and President of the Women’s History and Culture Center.

Christmas came early (IN JULY!) for these kiddos at the Women’s History and Culture Center! They put in the effort and decorated their entries for the Saxon Suffrage Cat Art/Essay contest. Winners, ALL!!!
Thank you to our winners!!!!! Charlie, Holden, Dawson and Abygail for your beautiful decorated cat entries!
Holden’s “Mesquite Has Smart Women” essay was our winner!
Thanks to the Eureka Community Initiative for their generous donation of the wonderful Cook Books for the kids!
Cash prizes provided by Women’s History and Culture Center
Thanks go out to the following contributors of our wonderful prizes awarded. Many thanks to Lisa Fahey for her tireless efforts contacting the businesses and procuring all of these prizes for our winners!
Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Black Bear Diner, Village Inn, Cracker Barrel, Costco, Dinosaur Discovery Site, Laser Mania, Red Robin, Game Stop and Cowboys & Indians – C&C Indian Art, Inc.
Hope you’ll join us next year with your creative entry! Visit Women’s History and Culture Center to learn more about all the wonderful things we have going on at our beautiful Center. Currently by appointment (classes and groups still meet at their scheduled times).

2-7-2020 We gathered at Mesquite City Hall to re-enact the signing of the ratification of 19th Amendment that took place in Carson City, NV on 2-7-1920, giving women the right to vote! Below find the photo which was taken in 1920, and a few with our gathered group from “then” and “now” getting ready for our photo for the local newspapers. The Mayor and Jean Watkins, our founder and President, said a few words before the “signing.” We had a reception at the Women’s History and Culture Center afterward, with light refreshments, and took a few candids there, as well. Thank you Mayor Al Litman for taking part in this momentous occasion, and Council Member, Sandra Ramaker for joining in, as well! All our guests were appreciated and it is our hope that everyone had fun!


12-21-2019 We hosted “Kris Kringle – The Gift of Christmas,” organized and put on for the public by Chris Finnegan and Lisa Fahey. There was music, songs, lights, coloring books, stories, baking cookies, making gingerbread houses and so much more. Many smiles and Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance! Santa listened to the kids’ Christmas wishes and entertained while they baked and participated in activities offered. All for FREE!! It was a day to remember for many!

A success for these Christmas Elves!!

12-20-2019 Was our Volunteer Meeting and Potluck. The theme was Gratitude, just like the Board Meeting. Some Board Members were in attendance and all enjoyed one another’s company and expressed things they are grateful for. Most of all, we’re grateful for ALL OF YOU!!

12-17-2019 Was our Board Meeting and Potluck. The theme was Gratitude. Much to be grateful for in 2019!

12-4-2019 Our Center, all dressed up for the holidays. Special Thanks to Chris Finnegan and Lisa Fahey for the time and attention they paid to making it very traditionally classic!! Love it! Jean and Carol stopped in for photos, of course!

12-7-2019 “Home for the Holidays” Community Christmas Village – Another great non-profit recognition event hosted by the Mesquite Community Initiative – which is, Gerri Chasko. A wonderful event giving non-profits the opportunity to raise funds needed to carry on their missions, as well as get the non-profits talking to one another. A percentage of meals sold during the buffet that night were donated to the attending charities. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more December event photos!!

12-7-2019 “Down by the River” with hydrogeologist, Heidi Hadley. This time, she talked about how water plays an important role in the landscape. It was another fun learning experience. We hope we can get her to do repeats of these fabulous field trips. Heidi hopes to incorporate some of her expertise into the CCSD agenda, to share with school-age students, along with eager community members.

12-3-2019 Wine and Cheese event at Eureka Season’s Lounge, honoring Non-Profits in Mesquite, and enjoying one another’s company. Thanks to Gerri Chasko and the Eureka Community Initiative for giving back like no other, and getting the non-profits together to mingle!!

“Women Supporting Women”

Linda Darling, volunteer at Women’s History and Culture Center, hosts a night at WHCC, filling purses with hygiene and toiletry items for domestic violence victims. These items (and purses or bags) can be dropped off any time at the Center. It will find its way to Linda at Legal Shield for delivery to the Victim Advocates here in Mesquite.


Stratigraphy & Art! 11-16-19 What a fun Day with renowned hydrogeologist, Heidi Hadley!

She delivered all that she promised, and much more! We saw things we may drive by every day in a whole new light! She is knowledgeable, fun, and so excited about sharing her gifts with others. Hope you’ll look for upcoming events she hosts, starting at the Women’s History & Culture Center, and then hitting spots around our wonderful City of Mesquite, to tell us about the landscape, the outcroppings, how they were formed, and how they have changed with time, weather and human influences.

NOVEMBER 9, 2019, Kati and Corbin paid WHCC a visit to tour and settle on another potential meeting place for the Mesquite Stitchers. They now have a safe, comfortable, beautiful place to host crochet and craft events. Corbin gathered all our flowers and posed for a photo.

Veteran’s Day Parade, 11-2-2019


Virgin Valley Heritage Museum’s Director, Elspeth Kuta, gives periodic talks at the Women’s History and Culture Center and in the future, the Mesquite Public Library. Her talks are engaging and very informative. Her last one on October 17, 2019, featured Emma Chloe Gardener Abbott (1877 – 1963) and Sarah Ann Burgess Hughes (1864 – 1947). They are early settlers of our own Virgin Valley, and specifically Mesquite. Keep an eye on our Calendar for upcoming dates, times and place for her next series of talks!! Enjoy a few photos from these talks.

Thursday, October 11, 2019, The Women’s History and Culture Center celebrated our One Year Birthday. Here are some photos from our fun and insightful Birthday Celebration. The table discussion, over cake and ice cream, was all about the memories!! See our “History” tab for more on the History of the making of our beautifully appointed space for women to gather, grow and learn!

Flyer for our People’s Walk on September 26, 2019 Photos below from the Event
Teri and Sandra – Getting the T-Shirts ordered for our Commemorative “People’s Walk”
A few photos from Mesquite Chamber of Commerce’s Luncheon on 9.11.19 at Cucina Italiana – In honor of those touched by 9/11
The Outside Wall of our Building. Created by artist Raquel Rae Gallas
Some visitors, dignitaries and special guests during our Ribbon Cutting, October 2018
Jean peruses a book at the Mesquite Library
A peek at our current display at the Mesquite Library, honoring Nevada as the first State to have a female majority legislature, showing until October 6. 2019
Artist Raquel Rae Gallas draws the “paint by number” mural for the community to come out for Councilwoman Annie Black’s Service Saturday, and participate in this great beautification of Mesquite, NV.
Girl Scout Troop #27, posing with Jean in front of their badge project, the beautiful decal wall for our Tea Room.
Kim Burgon and Carol Saldivar in the Green Room before our duet in the Variety Show fundraiser on June 15, 2019. It was such a fun day and all the performers were so talented and entertaining!!
B.J. Adams, Variety Show performer 2019
Bunny Wiseman, Our esteemed Stage Hand!!
Claudia Peterson, performer for Variety Show 2019
Phil Nehrenz, Production Support!
Kim Burgon, performer, Variety Show 2019
Mary Paliganoff, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Bill Cunningham & Kim Burgon, Performers, Variety Show 2019
Carol Saldivar, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Braylan Morrow, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Grant Gunn, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Teri Nehrenz, Director and Producer of our Variety Show and Lisa Fahey, Volunteer, collaborating on the show details. Variety Show 2019
Flyer for our Fundraiser!
Jim Parsons, Performer, Variety Show 2019
After party (Firecracker 1000 lip sync Contest, Eureka!!)
WHCC competes in the Lip Sync Contest!! (We didn’t win, but we sure had fun!!)
flyer for the lip sync contest
Flyer for the Community Mural Unveiling
The window in the Mural (side of our building at 225 N. Willow, Room 23, Mesquite, NV
Perusing the books on our reading/meeting room
Visitors try on a book or two
and checking calendar for what’s new!
A really fun Victorian Tea in September 2018
A friendly card game in our Tea Room
Teri Nehrenz checks out a book in our reading/meeting room
Service for the ladies
Everyone had a wonderful time breaking in the Tea Room in Victorian style
A nice suffrage pose, getting ready for 2020!!
Teri Nehrenz in her beautiful Victorian costume!
Non-Victorian sandals for the outfit!
Mark Guertin as our Butler and Tea Server!
Our gathering/meeting room, accommodates up to 25 people
A little office work
Tea Room and kitchen area
Tidying up in the Tea/Media Room
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